Extra Line Set

Extra Line Set

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Beautiful skin begins with daily cleansing and massaging. The EXTRA Skincare Line offers the ultimate cleansing and massaging steps to help your skin achieve a healthy glow. Micro-emulsified ingredients cleanse deeply and thoroughly, while the patented* Super Activation (SA) technology helps revitalize the skin. Lecithin-encapsulated emollients are released during cleansing and massaging for maximum hydrating effects and continue to moisturize even after rinsing. *Patented in Japan

For all skin types. Use with any other Noevir skincare line’s toning, moisturizing and protecting steps.

How to Use:
Extra Line Set Instructions

EXTRA Cleansing Massage Cream:
Spread a cherry-sized amount over entire face. Gently remove with cotton pads, tissues or a damp washcloth. Reapply for your daily massage and remove as above.

EXTRA Cleansing Foam:
Moisten face. Squeeze a 1/2 to 1 inch amount into palm. Lather well in hand before applying to entire face with gentle, circular motions. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Pat dry.
Features and Benefits:
  • Super Activation (SA) technology: Nourishes and stimulates the skin. Patented in Japan.
  • Unique cushion-veil effect: Specially formulated to evenly distribute pressure to the skin’s surface during massage, increasing massaging benefits.
  • Lecithin-Encapsulated Emollients: After massaging and cleansing, moisturizers and beauty treatment ingredients, contained in Lecithin Capsule Complex, are quickly delivered to the skin to hydrate and reinforce skin’s barrier function.
  • Advanced Micro-Emulsifying Technology: Super-refined oil particles, made by Micro-Emulsified Technology, speed up the cleansing process by quickly absorbing into the skin to catch hidden residues and lifting dirt and impurities to the surface so it can be washed away.
  • Select Cleansing: A combination of fatty acids and mild amino acids selectively washes away dirt and impurities, while protecting the moisture in the skin.