99+ Emulson Aqua

99+ Emulson Aqua

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This soothing lotion balances the skin while restoring essential moisture. It tones, soothes and hydrates skin to help with maximum absorption of moisturizer.

How to use:

Use a.m. and p.m. Saturate cotton pads and gently pat entire face with upward strokes. Gently press pads around eyes, nose and mouth. Follow with the 99+ Replenishing Moisturizer.

Features and Benefits:

    • A breakthrough “Smart Moisturizing” approach: Puts the focus on quality of moisture provided, not just quantity. Supplies the skin with the most effective moisturizing ingredients—exactly where they are needed the most. The result is quick and deep moisturizing to support skin’s natural balance.
    • Five super-refined, natural-to-the skin bases: Stearic acids, HS lipids, beeswax, jojoba oil and squalane closely resemble our skin’s own moisturizer.
    • Lipid-rich emollients: Intercellular lipids play important role in maintaining skin’s ideal physical barrier. However, the amount of intercellular lipids decline with age, causing skin to look rough and uneven. Lipid-rich emollients, such as sphingolipids, lecithin (new) and ceramide (new), support skin’s intercellular lipids to protect barrier function and help retain moisture.
    • Increase moisture retention:New! A synergistic combination of water-binding amino acids (Natural Moisturizing Factor), skin-nourishing peptides and fermented rice extract (antioxidant) increases water supply to the skin and enhances its moisture-holding capabilities.
    • Uniquely blended micro-encapsulated plant extracts: Extracts of Mountain mugwort leaf, Bitter wintergreen leaf, Jojoba leaf, Olive leaf, Edelweiss, Himalayan primrose*, Peach kernel and Running clubmoss* reach faster and deeper to the skin’s surface to reinforce skin’s barrier function.
    • Synergistic benefits of daisy flower, chamomile flower, marshmallow root and other botanical extracts:Addresses disorganized uneven skin cells, while encouraging the surface cells to form in a compact organized manner.
    • 22 herbal and botanical extracts: Work synergistically to promote healthy, radiant skin.
    • Gentle and light texture: Provides gentle application, yet deep hydration.
    • Soothing scent of green floral: Provides the most ideal relaxation for enhanced beautifying effects.
* patented in Japan